Hello my names is Minister Debra Loving, but please call me Deb. 2005 was a year that God changed the course of my life forever.

At that time I was married with five children, a high school diploma, and a realization that I had allowed other people’s opinions and thoughts of me drive the course my life. I allowed people and circumstances to stop and derail my destiny more times than I can count. I had no idea of what would happen next, but I began my transformation when I left Big Lots as an Associate Manager, went back to school and returned to Head Start as an Assistant Teacher.

I knew while working as an assistant teacher at Head Start I wanted to help change the lives of the children I taught. As I grew in my faith, my education, and gaining wisdom of raising my own family I knew I would only help change the life of a child if I could help their families.\r\n From that moment on I pressed into God, gave him the wheel and I never looked back. I obtained my Associates Degree in 2007, my Bachelors degree in 2008, and My Masters in counseling in 2012. Three days after graduation I and two other collage mates opened a successful Counseling Agency called Pathways 2 Christian Counseling Center.

As a counselor I see so many young people and families hurting. Having a heart for people I want to reach further than I ever could by sitting in my office. I hope this forum will draw anyone who is suffering in a painful silence. You don\’t have to anymore! If you will allow me we can change your tomorrows. You just have to take the first step and decide to let go of all the pain and people who have stopped your destiny even if that person was you.


God Bless,

Minister Debra Loving